How You Respond to Events in Life Determines the Outcome


Trouble with the Law and How to Overcome

I’ve been there and got the t-shirt. The orange one. With a number on it. When you’re in trouble with the law, it can feel like the world is crashing down on you. You have thoughts that this is the end of the world and your life as you know it. At least I did. Hi, I’m Scott and I’ve decided to write in this blog about problems I’ve had with the law and how I’ve overcome them along with plenty of (hopefully) helpful resources.

Change your life or be Changed by your Circumstances

There are only two ways to respond to an event in life. Whether this involves the law or not, there are only two options for you: respond positively – or respond negatively. The events in life are not what determines the outcome, your response is. My brother turned me on to an equation called E+R=O. This stands for Event plus Response equals your Outcome. If you’ve tried negative responses in the past, you know that the outcome has been negative. The outcome is what you’re after when it comes to dealing with any event in life, whether it’s a DUI or other arrest, if you respond positively, your outcome will be positive.

My positive responses

When I was arrested as a teen, I thought this would have been the end of my life. I got a “minor in possession” of alcohol along with other misdemeanors.  I could have been set on a downward spiral of negative activities surrounding this event in my life but I chose a positive response. Yea, I had to do community service and that wasn’t fun. But my ultimate response was to make sure I never did anything else like that to get into trouble. Instead of it becoming something that defined me, I used it as a learning experience and it set me on the right path as far as the law is concerned (and the rest of my teenage years).

I since have had a few “bumps in the road” but each of them are very personal and I will share about them in future posts. But the main point is that whatever trouble you get into, that is an “event.” How you Respond to those events, however big and seemingly life-altering they might be, will determine the outcome.

So what will your outcome be? You can’t change the fact that an event has happened but you can change the outcome. Will it be negative or positive? This blog is dedicated to helping you reach positive outcomes to life’s events. I hope it helps!